Trauma and PTSD may be acquired in a myriad of different ways and are not confined to sudden, dramatic events.  Wounds may develop over time; and often those who have survived one or more traumatic events do not fully realize the cumulative impact on their lives and relationships.  PTSD has been described as a normal response to abnormal and damaging life events – often inflicted by other human beings.  

Types of Trauma:

Child or Adult Sexual Abuse / Assault, Molestation or Rape

Adult Sexual Trauma / Harassment

Abandonment, Illness or Neglect

Loss and Violent Trauma/Assault

Military Experience and related Suicide

Robbery /Death of family member or friend

Injury or Illness of a loved one/ Witness to Violence

Accidents or Natural Disaster

“Little t” traumas - Events that have a powerful impact no matter how small

In addition to having a safe space for revealing the traumatic event, Alive therapists have a variety of treatment approaches available that have been widely researched to be most effective in treating trauma.  With such help, clients have learned to relax, experience their own strength and resilience, and reclaim their right to peace and happiness.

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