Courtney Jellar M.Ed.

Courtney's seven years of doctoral study in Counseling Psychology, immersive training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, and intensive study and practice of Mindfulness Meditation form the foundation of her psychotherapy approach.

Courtney brings a unique constellation of deep compassion, multicultural awareness, and experiential exploration to counseling. Working holistically, she collaborates with clients to access the wisdom of both body and brain. Using this wisdom, Courtney works with clients to reshape the brain's architecture to support deep healing and lasting growth.

Courtney is an ADHD counselor, coach, consultant, and speaker who has worked with hundreds of ADHD clients (ages 14-70) in both individual and group settings over the last 10yrs. She also provides ADHD trainings & presentations to professionals across the state of Oregon. Courtney is passionate about using strength-based approaches to address the unique challenges these brilliant and creative individuals face on a daily basis.

In addition, Courtney works with clients experiencing chronic illness, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and developmental trauma.

Outside of the office, Courtney enjoys playing with her canine daughter, Ella (an Australian Shepherdess), challenging her fiancé to lip-sync battles, and reading sci-fi/fantasy novels.


1999: Graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Psychology and Art History

1999-2004: Therapy Researcher at Johns Hopkins University and The University of Chicago

2004-2011: University of Oregon Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program

2007: Group Therapist at Oregon State Correctional Institute (men’s prison) running Vocational Empowerment Groups for inmates 

2007-2008: Individual therapist and Women’s Process Group therapist at University of Oregon’s Counseling Center

2008: Training in Motivational Interviewing with Anya Shefel

2008-2009: Child and family therapist at the Child and Family Center (University of Oregon)

2009: Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Kelly Wilson

2008-Present: Access Adviser, Counselor, ADHD Specialist and Founder/Facilitator of the Grad/Undergrad ADHD Group at the University of Oregon’s Accessible Education Center

2014-2016: Immersive training in Interpersonal Neurobiology with Bonnie Badenoch