Lorie Ann Lee, MA, LMFT


Lorie Ann Lee, MA, LMFT is a counselor, speaker, group facilitator, seminar leader, and university instructor with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and children in a variety of settings.

Lorie Ann’s Psycho Spiritual Three Principles approach is refreshing and well suited to clients who want to raise their overall level of well-being. Clients introduced to this modality experience less anxiety, less time feeling down, less stress and distress, more resilience and natural peace of mind.

Lorie Ann’s mission is to inspire others to find their own natural well-being and bring their understanding into their lives at home and work. Lorie Ann believes that every human being has the capacity for happiness, contentment and self-esteem.

The understanding of this psycho spiritual approach called the three principles gives everyone access to their wisdom and common sense so that they may put an end to undesired emotions. No matter how difficult life looks, no matter how frustrated you are, every human being can find their true self-worth and the wisdom to create positive solutions to any life situation.

Lorie Ann believes that you can have the positive life you have searched for and you can realize your own natural potential for peace of mind and comfort.

If you would like the following?

 A stress free life without anger, bother, or worry

 A connection to your wisdom and creativity

 Relationships that provide you with love and understanding

 A lasting sense of goodwill, well-being, and gratitude

Lorie Ann is dedicated to bringing these benefits of understanding the principles to you and your relationships. She can help you to have the well-being you want in life. Don’t wait one more day.

Lorie Ann moved her family back to Oregon in 2016, previous to that she was in private practice in Oahu, HI for six years, was an adjunct faculty at Chaminade University.  She had the opportunity to give trainings and workshops on a variety of topics as an employee assistance provider and Military and Family Life Consultant.  She is grateful to be back home in beautiful Eugene and loves being part of this community in an impactful way.  

In addition to working at Alive Holistic Counseling Lorie Ann enjoys providing counseling services at White Bird Clinic which gives her an opportunity to serve adults on Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) as well as homeless individuals or those at risk of becoming homeless. Let’s get started putting an end to your stress, anger, fear, or depression. I want to help you realize the wisdom within you to have self-esteem and happiness.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you

there.” Rumi