Kristen Sweet LPC


As a licensed professional counselor, Kristen dedicates herself to a collaborative process that relieves suffering by building a therapeutic relationship focused on shared goals of connection and personal growth. Her approach is rooted in the desire to promote wellness by eliminating barriers to living an authentic and meaningful life. 

Kristen believes in a compassionate, strength-based approach that uses the principles of positive psychology to spark upward spirals. She views attachment, attunement, and connection as critical components of health. Humor, play, and flow activities are promoted as essential to finding pleasure in life. Positive emotions, Engagement, Meaning, Relationships and Accomplishments (known as PERMA) are seen as building blocks of well-being. 

The principles of narrative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are also used to help others emotionally enter and re-author their own stories. This work may include identifying and challenging unhealthy core beliefs, recognizing patterns, and navigating the stages of change. 

Kristen frequently uses hypnotherapy to help others connect to subconscious information as a way to use inner resources to solve problems without interference from conscious prejudices and concerns. The goal of hypnotherapy is to trust, use, and expand these unconscious capacities to promote heathier, more comfortable thoughts and actions.

Kristen is experienced in working with others on a variety of concerns including: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and psychosis. She would be honored to provide a safe supportive space and join you in the healing process.