Kate Gillispie LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker, Kate recognizes that many aspects of our lives influence who we are and how we relate to people.She developed her foundation in the therapeutic world as a therapeutic wilderness instructor. This has informed her belief that healing and personal growth can transpire in many settings. 


In addition to working at Alive Holistic Counseling, Kate spends time doing crisis intervention and administrative work at White Bird for the CAHOOTS program. Due to her experience working on the CAHOOTS van as a crisis counselor, Kate is accustomed to a diverse array of trauma situations. She meets people where they are in their process to initiate healthy change. 

Kate has a strong pull toward community. One's connection to their community influences their physical and mental health. Kate's primary interest lies with individuals, couples and families with non-traditional structures.

Kate enjoys spending time with her family and working and living in community. She is excited about getting outside with her kids doing activities like camping, hiking, and canoeing. 


My Training

2005: Graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Therapeutic Recreation.

2004 – 2008: Kate worked as therapeutic wilderness instructor and a therapeutic life skills mentor to young people (ages 11 to 24). In the high deserts of southern Idaho and Southern Oregon Kate learned how to access the natural environment to encourage personal growth and change. 

2008 – 2013: Kate worked as mental health counselor with low-income and marginalized populations. 

2010: Graduated from Portland State University with a Masters in Social Work. 

2010 – Present: Kate works at White Bird Clinic as a CAHOOTS crisis counselor, clinical supervisor, and administrator.