Emily Baran, LSCW

Emily holds compassion and respect at the heart of her approach to therapy. She recognizes that many factors contribute to the difficulties each person faces and there are many paths toward healing. She is passionate about working with people in an integrated way, drawing on many aspects of their lives to build on their strengths and resources. She integrates practices from a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

She finds these approaches emphasize autonomy and respect for people's innate wisdom about their own lives. Emily has provided therapy for individuals, couples and families since 2014 in various settings in California and Oregon. Emily knows that we are bigger than the problems that we face. She believes that by walking through darkness we find new windows of opportunity to deepen relationships and live more fully.

She finds gratitude in helping people relieve the pains caused by trauma, anxiety, depression, intrusive negative thoughts and relationship challenges. Emily helps individuals tap into their own passions and values so that they can move the focus of their lives away from their problems and onto the values that matter to them.

In her work with relationships, Emily builds a safe space for couples, families and those in valued relationships to team up against the destructive conflict and misunderstandings that get in the way of living full lives together. She draws from training in compassionate communication to build on family's values and develop creative ways to connect with one another while meeting the needs of each individual. Throughout her work with adults and children, Emily has a deep respect and appreciation for those courageous enough to make these kind of changes in their lives.

My Training

2006: Graduated from New College of California with a BA in Humanities

2007: Volunteered as a crisis counselor at White Bird Clinic in Eugene, OR

2007: Trained in Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication)

2008-2010: Worked as a counselor in a nonprofit supporting low income families in Eugene, OR

2010-2013: Worked as mental health support in various preschools and therapeutic preschools in Oakland, CA

2013 -2014: Immersive training in Narrative therapy through Internship at GLIDE in San Francisco, CA

2014 -2015: Immersive training in family therapy and Motivational Interviewing while interning as a family therapist at Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco, CA

2015: Graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a MSW

2015 -2016: worked as mental health outreach at Abode Services in Hayward California

2016: Trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy

2016 –2017: Worked as a child and family therapist at Options Counseling

2017: Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

2017 – 2018: Worked as assistant director at First Place Family Center

2018- Present: Worked as a mental health counselor at Chrysalis