Emily Knott M.S., M.A., CCTS, LPC Intern



 I believe that counseling should provide you with the knowledge and tools to empower and enrich your life. As a Folklorist with an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I understand the power of the collaborative process and narrative; primary through their ability to help enact positive change in life.  As your co-collaborator in the counseling process, I will create the safest space possible for you to be your most true self, so that you may work from a place of healing.  

 For therapy clients…

 I am eclectic in my approach to counseling because I understand that no single approach is right for every individual.  Often, to promote holistic healing, I will integrate person-centered and choice approaches with trauma-informed care, narrative therapy, internal family systems, mindfulness, and strengths-based therapy.  In session, I might ask about the stories you tell yourself and the stories you want to tell yourself.  I may inquire what you want the ending to look like and what obstacles you need to overcome.  Why? Because the way we tell our stories can be indicative of not only our worldview but how we value ourselves and understand our positionality in life.  And finally, because I also firmly believe there is always a way to turn obstacles into opportunities.  

 For Neurofeedback clients…

 In addition to holistic talk therapy, I also offer ILF Neurofeedback using the Othmer Method (read more about Neurofeedback).  In my Neurofeedback practice, I utilize my deep understanding of the connection between mind/body and brain/nervous system.  It is through this understanding and the integration of my Neurofeedback training, >1 year of Neurofeedback internship, and counseling skills that I will create a custom Neurofeedback experience for you.

 And finally…

 No matter who you are or what your story is, I will meet you where you are and am deeply honored to walk this part of your journey with you..

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My Training:

2016: Graduated with a M.S. in Folklore.  Her thesis was on alternative spiritualties in the United States Military.

2018: Emily completed additional training in Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, and couples counseling.

2018: Graduated with a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Her final project was on cultural- and spiritual- sensitive care for individual practicing non-dogmatic spiritualties. 

2019: Additional training completed in the areas of childhood sexual trauma, sexual trauma, and complex PTSD.

2019: Became a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS). Certification gained through the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP).

2019: Completed ILF Neurofeedback training.


“Shinrin-yoku: The Relevancy of Forest Bathing” for HIKE for Mental Health

“Nature’s White Noise: Mental Health and Nature Sounds.” For Hike for Mental Health