Deb Chorney M.Ed, Body Talk Practitioner


I have worked professionally in the field of mental health and personal growth for over 30 years. Through my many years of experience, I have found people get the greatest benefit from holistic approaches. We are dynamic and complex beings comprised of many elements that are equally important and may all need to be addressed at varying times in order for healing to take place. This includes what we fuel our bodies with, having body-centered awareness; physically, emotionally and mentally, and our connection to what is alive within us and all around us.

My own personal growth quest began with my first dietary cleanse, which opened me up to the consciousness and wisdom of the body, and the connection of the health of the body to mental/emotional health. This later led to training in a Gestalt/Body-Centered therapy program, deepening my understanding of using body-centered/somatic approaches to clear psychological and emotional issues/traumas, and learning what it truly means to be present in your body and with yourself. After being blessed with having a child, and all of the personal growth opportunities that come with that, I took my training a step further with the discovery of BodyTalk, an energy based medicine that often gets to the subconscious programming that keeps us stuck in our unhealthy mental and emotional patterns.

The personal growth journey can be wonderful and uncomfortable at the same time. The beauty of being supported in it all is to realize that you are not alone. When you feel witnessed and supported in your process, you can learn to develop skills that empower you to more deeply trust yourself, be more loving and present with yourself and create a deeper connection with yourself and others. It is an absolute honor for me to be present with people, hold them in a container of love and compassion and co-create transformation. I remain optimistic and in awe of the human spirit’s resiliency and ability to heal.

I offer an eclectic approach with Body-Centered awareness counseling and BodyTalk.  My clients really appreciate the combination of approaches. When they come in for a session, they can choose to work in the way that feels most present for them. I work with adults, teens and children on such issues as depression, anxiety, trauma, stress reduction and general life adjustment challenges, as well as counseling with couples on relationship issues, helping them to facilitate deeper autonomy and connection.

My Training

Master’s in Education in Counseling Psychology – University of Massachusetts, 1989
BA in Psychology – University of Massachusetts, 1984

Trainings and Certifications:
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner – International BodyTalk Association, 2008
Nutritional Counseling – 1998
Gestalt/Body-Centered Training Program – 1993
Crisis Intervention and Assessment, Drug and Alcohol Assessment