Integrative Holistic Counseling for Children, Adults, Partners and Families 

Welcome to Alive Holistic Counseling, we are an integrative counseling clinic that uses client-centered, strengths-based therapies to help people achieve inner harmony. Our therapists are specially trained in holistic therapies and evidence-based techniques such as EMDR, Art Therapy, Somatic Trauma Release, Hypnotherapy, Hakomi, Body Talk, Mindfulness Techniques, Neurofeedback, and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy  that enable clients to go deeper into their healing journey.  

Specializing in:

  • life transitions

  • anxiety and depression

  • eating disorders and addictions

  • relationship challenges and codependency

  • trauma, PTSD

  • grief and loss

During sessions you will work to transform your life, decrease stress and suffering and create peace. We treat each person, regardless of their background, trauma and story as if infinite possibilities are available to them.

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